Comma Delimited-Separated List Online Tool

An easy-to-use delimiter tool can be very useful when it comes to converting a column into a comma separated list. Our app automatically adds a comma to separate each value of data. Comma Separated Values (CSV) is a file format used to manage or exchange data(import or export) in various applications. If you do not need to create a comma delimited list, you can choose another delimiter, such as a pipes delimiter, semicolon delimiter, braces delimiter, etc. When we have to make this type of data lists for various purposes, we have to delimit them quickly because otherwise, it is a difficult and boring manual process. So we need a good comma delimited tool which does the job even faster than Excel. Here comes in A comma separator app like this is a time-saver, especially if the list is big.

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What are the best examples of using a comma separator?
Comma delimited Values is recognized by the operating language of most databases (MySQL, Oracle, Postgres, SQL Server, MS Access, Sybase, Informix, etc). It is used for easy data transfer (like names cities, tags, numbers, zip codes, events dates, addresses, employees' qualifications lists, etc) from a spreadsheet into a database that can be managed using SQL queries. Structured Query Language (SQL) is the standard language of communication with a database. In different programming languages like PHP, the delimitation can help you create an array from a CSV list.
What is a delimiter and what is it used for?
A delimiter can be a special character that indicates that one data value(fields) has ended and a new one has started, so a delimiter separates the data into pieces so it can be read and managed by computers and software. Data fields/values delimited by commas example: Anna, Steel, female,456 street,999-473; So in this case, the delimiter is a comma and name, last name, address, and phone number are field values. A database record is a line of text, a row or more formally a tuple. The most popular data formats are CSV and TSV. The difference between the two is that CSV (Comma Separated Values) uses comma as delimiter and TSV(Tab-separated values) format the tab character. Your data is safe with us! Our Comma Adder makes an instant delimitation (we do not have a database/backup), so we do not save, use your data, nor is it threatened by hacking. No Bots! It's free to use this service but is forbidden to use automating repetitive actions made by all kinds of macros, software, internet bots. If Our text separator was useful to you bookmark, you will surely need it again in the future.